The Party,belongs to the people? The Progressive new democrats, occupy the institutions, they claim are for representing the people! The people, are the public, these mercantilists, claim to represent! So do we, the people own the party? Or do the party insiders, own the party? Here is the perfect example of the ill-liberal images, that occupy the heads of the progressive new democrats! The old democrats called themselves progressive liberals! Well at least you could debate vigorously, our common social means to our common social objectives, with the old democrat liberals! So ,back to the question new democrats should really answer, does the party belong to the people or the insiders occupying the party machinery? If the party is, in fact, the one thing that actually does belong to all the people, then we must take it back from the elite party insiders’ cartel, monopolizing the party ,in the name of the public interest!