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    Mises Daily | Mises Institute 

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    PERC – The Property and Environment Research Center | 

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    The Racial Arabist empire militants, are radically opposing the Koranic mandates for civil social Islam! Leaders of conservative organizations & all else, trying to monopolize conservative information markets, are saying we must clearly identify our enemies by name! Elsewise, the radical militant extremists, will just keep being free to attack the whole human race, at will! The “Progressive” leadership, is the whole western media industrial complex, world wide, except explicitly conservative or libertarian social media! Fox news & conservative media, need to be able to take their own medicine! That is, regarding state-olotry, state-ist frameworks, monopolizing the brains, of social space observers! In otherwords, state-ism is an inaccurate social frame of observing social worlds! To get more specific, the Arab world,is deeper bigger & more stateless, than the Arab League states or the Organization of Islamic Conference States & it’s heir the Islamic States’ cooperation organization! Racial Arabist empire militants,militias & militarism, needs to be first identified as Arabist empire colonial expansion & racist militarism of Arabist empire centred radicalism! The prime victims, as all are quick to say, are Muslim moderates! But I will venture a guess, that the vast majority of radical Arabist empire militants, are ethnic Arabs or their student fellow traveling Stalinazi Hitler/ communazi, Arabist Taliban student aspirants! The Kurd Muslim non Arabs, Berber Amazigh Muslim non Arabs, Nubian Muslim non Arabs & Darfur Muslim non Arabs, are just some of the super majority of civil social Islamic nations! Apartheid Arabist empire state-ism,is a radical militant racist minority of well organized insiders’ cartels, reigning terror over the civil social Islamic world! So both left & right wing nuts, had better learn from my warnings, about radical racist militant Arabist empire, violating of civil social Islamic identity!

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    The Abbasid dynasty of the Arab empire, was a golden ages era of civil social Islam! Of course, we can always find destructive or counter productive practices, in any social world! But comparatively speaking, the golden ages of the Baghdad Caliphate, were tolerant, ecumenical & liberal, in contrast to both the Islamic states as well as Christian states elsewise & elsewhere in the world at that time! Baghdad, was the capital for between 500 to a 1000 years! That depends on our including the Ottoman Turks, as Arab empire Caliphate successors as did the Ottomans, or break up the Arab empire into Arabs vs Arabists! The Ottoman Turks are the great social Arabist empire, government of the era of declining ethnic Arab empire exclusivity, within civil social Islam! By the time of WWI, the Ottoman golden ages, had degenerated into a lead ball & chain, round the Abbasid Baghdad golden ages of civil social Islam! But that does not nullify the central spot value of Baghdad, in all successive rivalries! The Arabist empire rivals, are fighting, over the supreme ultimate Arabist empire caliphate’s inheritor state monopoly! The ARABIST,empire leaders are in their minds,succeeding the golden ages of civil social Islam, of the Abbasid house of the Baghdad caliphate! So in case you did not get it yet! I am saying there is not any way the world trade centre attacks can be separated from Racist Arabism’s imperial rivalry ,in the totality of the Arabist empire! The Baghdad caliphate,the Abbasid house of Baghdad, was & still is like the New York or Berlin of Arabist empire central culture! IraqiArabist empire actions, all across the Arabist empire world, are akin to 911,’s Arabist empire market for Arabist empire loyalties, by Arabist empire non state actors! The militant radicals of the Arabist empire totality, at the end of WWII was Muftiist -Nazi-Stalinist pact cartels Inc. Arabist empire collaborators, were strongly influenced by the STALIN & HITLER PACT! Look at the terms & rhetoric of the radical Arabist empire militants! Racist Arabism mixes with standard Stalinist JudaeoPhobia! This Stalin – Hitler pact, lives on in the militarist radical Arabist empire, colonizing over Africa, Asia & the west! That has spread from the Taliban destroying classic Himalayan Tibetan religious mountain carvings, to the executing of Japanese, by current Arabist empire racists! This was not the way of civil social Islam, as practiced by the house of Baghdad, the Abbasid dynasty of the civil social Islamic Arabist empire!

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    Milwaukee, WI. is just the historic heir to the Prussian Social democracy problems, that lead to the current ill fated city wide problems, we are paying for now! If you want to cure the illness, you must in all honesty, face the mirror, straight in your face!

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    Winner take all, social democracy, democratic socialism, works fine, at best in a free market, one company town! All constituents would be shareholders of the one company town! They might be modeled after the Green Bay Packers, one person one shareholder! That is the actual social best we can expect from the ideas of social democracy /democratic socialism! The closest living arrangement, that approximates social democracy/democratic socialism, would be a condo,,town-house or some kind of city state gated community!

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    The central home country of our whole human race, in our social totality, is the South Sudan, intersection with Ethiopia, Somalia & the upper Nile, Great Lakes country! Now we can observe & feel our social human race kin, in their working out a livable civil social constitution!

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    The central home country of our whole human race, in our social totality, is the South Sudan, intersection with Ethiopia, Somalia & the upper Nile, Great Lakes country! Now we can observe & feel our social human race kin, in their working out a livable civil social constitution!

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    The fatal flaw of Progressive politics, is it’s taking on the information coordinating problem! Socialism,state controlled markets, blocks social individuals’, information registration process! We register our yes or no votes, in our public market choices! We vote for or against all else, in the democratic election process, of our public market social world! No kind of superior intelligence, of any kind of smart planning PHD.s, like Jonathan Gruber, can assimilate & coordinate all our social individual choices! We all depend on all of our public market information processing, of all our individual social voting inputs! Public market intelligence, is a cumulative information processing, social eco system! No superior intellectual/intelligentsia, can replace that public market intelligence, accumulating & coordinating social dynamic!

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    Race, Inequality, and the Market : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education 

    Race, Inequality, and the Market : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education.

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