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    The pro in profit is Latin for first-framefarefar-fromfear,Anglo root of European sister root word pro.per.par,prime,profit! Demonizing profit,assumes profit is anti social! Profit made by social individuals is social produced profit! Individuals lend their helping hand!Profit motivates social enterprise!

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    Do we think we are so tuned into the laws of social life, that we can discriminate between a rat ,a man nurtured by rats? How about or any else, vital to their social environs! Can we afford to just be team players to help our party LEADERS?

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    Pres.B.H.Obama,has been encircled by ill-liberal,anti social intelligentsia,all his life!

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    At least Ron Paul’s pacifism is consistent at home & abroad! I may think some libertarian party types are hippy dippy peaceniks! Maybe the Ron Paul school of libertarians are all open to racist invisible empires of Arabist kaliphate kamikaze klans! But Progressives & socialists are all about following the socialist ban on opposing Hitler ,cause of his partnership with Stalin, till Hitler attacked Russia! But Progressives & socialists wage CLASS WAR DOMESTICALLY,ACCROSS THE TOTALITY OF THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE IN ALL COUNTRIES! IS THAT A REASON THEY WERE CALLED TOTALITARIANS? Are all Socialists are anti social? Progressives & Socialists wage an anti social campaign of class war lies about the alternative SOCIAL IDEAS,COMPETING WITH THE STATE MONOPOLY OBER SOCIAL LIFE SOCIALISM TRADES on! Such hypocritical fake peace activism by progressives & socialist anti social political mercantilists, needs to be exposed to the light of day!

  • socialdoings 5:56 pm on March 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    “Progressives” are just plain insider cartels of fast change artists! “Progressives” are at war on the totality of our whole human race!

  • socialdoings 3:54 am on March 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    The Great Social Fusion is the Great Social way of power! The classical liberal social science arts of bourgeois life choice, must be a conservatory of social individuals! The social centric individuals, must defend bourgeois social progress, from destruction against haters calling themselves Progressives or Conservatives! The key is, do the alleged conservatives, conserve individual social consent? The same goes for alleged progressives! Do progressives,progress along the direction of individual social consent?

  • socialdoings 3:39 am on March 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    The Great Society was a term used by both Ludwig von Mises and Lyndon B. Johnson! There is a nice, great social science connection between the two, rooted in John F. Kennedy and Pres. Johnson’s tax dynamics! Prof. Mises described the properties of social progress in the economy’s dynamic social laws of nature! Pres. Johnson signed into law Pres. John F. Kennedy’s reducing tax rates, causing a progressive raising of tax revenues! The JFK-LBJ reducing of tax rates caused a progressive raising of tax revenues, by way of great social science dynamics laws! Prof. Mises called our great social framework, the Great Society, just as Pres. Johnson! That is regardless of the militant radical, mercantile insiders’ monopoly cartels’ abuse of our Great social framework! Tax dynamic laws of social science, lay out a framework, that sets up the principle of JFK-LBJ’s reducing tax rates for the cause of a raise in tax revenues! That Great social law of economic social science, that causes the enlarging of tax revenues by lowering tax rates, is the vital link between Mises’ & Johnson’s Great Society principle!

  • socialdoings 2:39 am on March 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Our great social counterpart to Albert Einstein, is Ludwig von Mises! They are just about from the same time general social environs! Like many social greats, many claim direct lines of succession from Mises’ special line of thinking! Like the quotes from Einstein, we see many schools of social ideas, claiming they are the real true followers! One such point of clarity , I think is of great social vitality! The ideas of a great social safety net, are vital to how well we fare as a social whole! People mistakenly think folks critiquing the welfare state are opposed to helping people down on their luck, to fare well! To fare well is our fare in life if we succeed at cultivating fare that helps all else fare well! That is the great social fare we produce, in our great social enterprises! The welfare state, is the subject of critique by the very great social science teachers, working to help our great social environs, be a good means to help us all fare well! Dr. Ludwig von Mises did not dwell on the form or ways of the great social safety net! But his great social science classic, the Economic & Sociological Analysis of Socialism, states he was not opposing some kind of great social safety net! The question is, do our choices, as a great social community, do our social best or not! Do our policies harm or help our great social safety net’s target population? So we had better think,before we listen to political mercantilists calling critics anti poor or anti middle class or anti worker! WE really need sober self critiques of our welfare state mercantilist sales pitches! WE should be TRUELY LIBERAL IN OUR APPLYING REASON,TO OUR GREAT SOCIAL LIFE CHOICES

  • socialdoings 12:59 am on March 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Governments’ legit civil social works, include defense of the condo, village, neighborhood association &/or municipal corporate body! The Anglo-American division of labour, of the 3 branches of government, includes the municipal corporate mediation &/or arbitration work! The 3rd division of the municipal corporate body, is the shareholders stock,public market constituents’ deliberation body, called common councils, These are the microcosm of the working divisions of all political, civil, bourgeois social bodies! All corporate bodies, including municipal corporations labour unions, civil social bodies &/or inter-communal trade companies, are rooted in some concentric investment in these social frameworks! It needs demystifying, from Mt. Olympus! Governments are not angels or devils! Governments are community defense corporate bodies! In cooperation with the executive/administrative branch,are the two complimentary divisions of government, are the arbitrating/mediating & common council, representing the municipal corporate SHAREHOLDING CONSTITUENT PROPERTY HOLDERS! This is the micro division of the great social bodies of all federated commonwealths! The western civil social world, has seen this most well developed example in the UK Commonwealth of Nations, the USA, Swiss, German & French models! The North & West Germanic-Dutch, Danish, Swedish & Icelandic models are well developed as well! The former European empires from Rome to Paris or London, are now diversified in their constituents local social centric concentric circles! The old terminology of decentralized,as opposed to centralized, puts on stark display, our bias in the direction of political, municipal corporate centralized, conceptions of civil social ecology! The tiniest independent nation state in the whole world, is the Vatican City State! This was divorced from the capital city of Italy, Rome! This exemplifies the diverging progress of modern autonomy, for the totality of both parties to any conflict, over sovereign home rule! Rome was the capital of the pre Catholic empire, that Roman Catholic hierarchies came to dominate! But by modern times, secular states, including super majority Catholic states, like Italy, were progressing away from Roman Catholic dominion over secular Catholic life! So now we have the beautiful civil social independent, twin sovereigns, in the Vatican City State & the civil social, political sovereign, capital city of Rome, Italy! They do not use any force, against their counterparts, across their common great social environs, of the totality of the geographical, historical city of Rome! This is social individual consent, exemplified, on a microcosmic scale, leading to the macro cosmic great social environs! It is wrong to say pro government or anti government! It is consent rooted social life choice, as opposed to non consent, violating of the great social progress of consent!

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    The brands of political mercantilism are akin to a kind of political trade, in cattle futures, pork bellies or tobacco futures! The futures trade practices, are done on mercantile exchanges & boards of trade, in Chicago, New York London & elsewhere! Washington, London, Paris, Rome, Moscow & Berlin, are just some of the political mercantile trade pits, of political capital boards of trade!

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