The Great Society was a term used by both Ludwig von Mises and Lyndon B. Johnson! There is a nice, great social science connection between the two, rooted in John F. Kennedy and Pres. Johnson’s tax dynamics! Prof. Mises described the properties of social progress in the economy’s dynamic social laws of nature! Pres. Johnson signed into law Pres. John F. Kennedy’s reducing tax rates, causing a progressive raising of tax revenues! The JFK-LBJ reducing of tax rates caused a progressive raising of tax revenues, by way of great social science dynamics laws! Prof. Mises called our great social framework, the Great Society, just as Pres. Johnson! That is regardless of the militant radical, mercantile insiders’ monopoly cartels’ abuse of our Great social framework! Tax dynamic laws of social science, lay out a framework, that sets up the principle of JFK-LBJ’s reducing tax rates for the cause of a raise in tax revenues! That Great social law of economic social science, that causes the enlarging of tax revenues by lowering tax rates, is the vital link between Mises’ & Johnson’s Great Society principle!