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    Progressives cannot say birth of breathing individuals is the start of individual life? Progressives cannot articulate their ideas, regarding individual newborn’s first life breath, at birth, as the birth of the newborn’s life? So, Progressives, must avoid the question of defining individual birth, or the margin, dividing the second from the third trimester, as the start of an individual life? So if asked to tell the public, in news questioning, sessions, progressives just keep saying they defer to the pregnant mom’s doctor!

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    Arabizing, Arabization, Arabist assimilation & Arabist cultural, supremacy, are the root ideas, animating militant Islam & radical Muslims! Islamic militant Muslim Arabs, contrast sharply with moderate Islam, animating Kurdish Muslim non Arabs, Darfur Muslim non Arabs, Nubian Muslim non Arabs & Berber Muslim non Arabs! Nobody else talks of this contrast! I speculate it is because the vast majority of Muslim non Arabs, live their lives comparable to most western Christians! Like most Christian folks in most western countries, moderate Muslims are just quiet folks, not interested in Islamic politics! This private Islam, is a great social distinction of most Muslim non Arabs! But then, there are those self professed Missionary Muslims! These Muslims with a mission, are best understood as the spiritual kin to the Ku Klux Klan & Neo-Nazi Christian Identity & KKK-Neo-Nazi Christian Nationalist movement! Muslim nationalists are actually Arabist empire state, militant radicals! The adopting of the militant Islamist radical identity, was always competing for loyalty within the greater social world of Islam! But it really took off after the fall of Baath Stalin-Nazi Arabism! It is strange to western ears to hear Stalin & Nazi together! But we must remember their common monopolistic state dominion, over social life choice, of both Hitler & Stalin! Arabism’s empire of racism, did not just follow suit behind Hitler’s betrayal of Stalin! The Baath party embodied the perfect storm of Arabism blended with Nazism & Communism! The special unifying image of the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Hajj Al Amin Al Husseini, was the PalestineArab Higher Committee head! The Mufti, was also the PalestineArab Supreme Muslim leader, along side his role as the PalestineArab secular leader! Muftism was then more or less equal to racist Arabism’s Nazi collaboration! Muftism was a direct axis partner! Muftism was the anti-social.central root of the totality of racial Arabist empire militant radicals! Arabizing, Arabization, Arabist assimilation & Arabist cultural supremacy, now reigned over the Arabist empire realm of influence!

  • socialdoings 2:04 pm on April 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    The self worshipping, hallucinaddict,, talk jock, Mark. Belling, actually said, I was covering for or not criticizing Racial Arabist empire militants, killing their African non Muslim neighbors! The radio moment, was his show claims, that nobody from the Islamic or Muslim world, or their sympathetic observers, condemns militant self described Muslim Africans, throwing overboard, African refugees, refusing to say they were Muslims! This follows the Mediterranean Sea refugees from Africa, escaping to Italy! African non Muslims, had to eventually form a human chain, to defend their lives, from radical self described Muslim Africans! I called the show, with my illusions of my own insiders’ information, being the key to this riddle! That was my own hallucinaddict, illusion! I can slap myself for thinking Belling was anything else, but a self idolizing hallucinaddict ! Belling had the nerve to lump me in with somebody else’s acts of apologies, for these hate inspired militant, self described Muslim radical Africans, throwing their African non Muslim neighbors overboard! Anybody knowing my literal lifetimes of work on this subject, would not dream of a kinship of my words &/or deeds, with apology or cover up of racist Arabism’s empire of influence! I have devoted lifetimes of work, exposing racist Arabizing imperial sphere of influence! Arabist empire inspired racism,causes mutual hate, between African neighbors! For Belling,to cut me off, saying some smart remark, regarding my having anything to do an Arabists can cover up, feeds right into & in with radical Arabist empire militants’ & Arabist empire militantss & their identity theft against Islam! Wake up Milwaukee, WI, USA, to the fool, Belling! He is a cover for Arabist empire militants’, racist radical hate on Africans! I condemn both of this little invisible empire of insiders’! Both Belling & the Arabist empire of clannish, self idolizing haklucinaddicts, are letting genocidal Arabist empire racial hate mongering keep going,in the name of Islam! Belling & the racial Arabist empire, are neo Nazis? Wait just a moment, or is Belling the Arabist empire apologist!!

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    The Arabist empire state, is doing a number on civil social Islam! This is obscured by State-ism, state-idolatry, state-olotry, etatolotry or etatism! Etat was used for old school liberal arts & social science! Old school social life required this terminology, when French was the civil social, world language of diplomacy, trade, science & civilization, for the whole human race! Etat is from the French term akin to the English word for State! It is akin to estate in it’s deeper linguistic root origins! So, the Arabist empire state, is the actual identity of the falsely termed Islamic State or Islamic Caliphate! The Caliphate is used by friend & foe alike, to refer to the Arabist empire’s patrilineal inheritors of the first Arabist empire from Arabia! The ethnic Arabian home country ,is in the late 20th-early 21st century, so far, occupied by the Saudi clan, warlords! The Arabist empire state, is the common dream of all racial Arabist occupiers of North Africa & mid east environs! The geographic mid-east environs, incorporates much of the general, Mediterranean, S.W. Asian environs! This Arabist empire state, is only a loosely defined image of chaos, in the senses of the proud USA State Department experts! The comparably expert foreign services of the great western powers, follows the same identification of Arabist ideology, as the USA State Department! We, in the west, are so much more unified, than all those mutually bickering Arabs & Muslim non Arabs! Iranian anti Sunnis & Arab Sunni anti Shiites, hate each & all else! Ha hah hah, we say about those hate filled mutual rivalries! Those Arabists’, mutual hate, animates endless mutually divisive, warring factions & gang turf battling! This never stops delighting the wizards of smart diplomacy, in the intellectually supremacist west!! But the Arabist empire lives, within the terms coined by these smart diplomacy heads of the west! Terms like “The Arab Street”, The Arab Fighters” & anti Arab hint at Arabist empire dreams! Arabist empire psyches animate, Arab anti discrimination committees & Arab American organizations! These terms, are just some uses of the actual, ethnic Arab identity, as a real social world term! Arabist can be anybody providing information of any kind of social use, regarding Arabism, the Arabist culture or Arabist civil social world, we call the Arab world! So how do I know these ideas are true? Well I have spent decades interviewing, reading, observing, debating & assimilating Arabism! I can read more Arabic than Arab ill-literates! That may sound silly to western heads, so used to our nearly universal literacy! But it is no joke that if you combine the approximate 90% illiteracy in the Arab world with the even worse illiteracy in Arabic, in the Islamic non Arabic speaking world, I am more Arabic literate than many native born Muslims! I was a romantic, Lawrence of Arabia kind of lover of Arabic, while my live,in person teacher, was a JudaeaoArabic linguist! He was a Doctor of Linguistics! I had access to his extensive Arabic works, while I was learning my Hebrew kin to Arabic! I never was expert, but could crack the riddles of Afro-Asiatic linguistics! That code cracking skill,was enough for me to enter the realm of comparative historical linguistics! That deepened my skills, helping me to compare the Hamito-Semitic roots of Arabic & Hebrew historical forms & evolution! All this to say, though I was not raised JudaeaoArabic, my own Dad was JudaeaoArabic patrilineage! His Sephardic-Mizrahi,Afro-Asiatic JudaeaoHebrew-Arabic patrilineal granddad, married to-mixed with Yiddish-Judaeo-German Matrilineal & all kinds of Indo-European potential, mixes in that goldmine of social worlds! So now I am an Arabist by hobby & potential trade I could end the Arab Israeli war in days, by my solutions! Arabist empire racism insults our intelligence with their violating the Koran’s prohibition of non defensive war! Islamic war is at best like the late British empire’s pre World War One mandate to end slavery! Now is that not funny? Racist Arabism’s empire has been the most entrenched slavery engrained anti social environs, within our whole human race! But the Koran explicitly defines Islamic mandates as the freedom of slaves, protecting women from violators, helping orphans, homeless, hungry & disabled folks! So now, my Lawrence of Arabia, romantic Arabist self image, comes up against the reality of 20th-21st century Arabist empire confederated slave tolerating Jew hating, Christian persecuting, Kurd gassing, Darfur rape & slavery, successors of Nazi axis partnering Arabist empire racism! All this is now hidden from critique by the newly minted terms like Islamism, Islamist radicals, Islamist militants, Islamic state &/or Islamic Caliphate! But nobody says a word about racist Arabism’s empire of identity theft against my Arabist reading of the Koran rooted, golden ages of tolerant civil social, Islamic constitutional empire of protecting minorities, the weak & vulnerable! Like the British Queen today the empire of Arabia is not even the identity crisis at hand! It is the totality of racial Arabist empire identity theft against civil social Islam, that is exemplified in the Shiites radical militants’ occupying the very name of Islam, in Persian Iran! Iran is occupied by an Arabist identity, that traces itself directly to the ethnic Arab prophet! If that tiny ethnic patrilineal Arabist minority ruling elite, over Iran, is not apartheid, then apartheid does not mean minority rule!

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    OK,I am cool now! I am ready to be the new school choice, charter school alternative, social union Inc.! I will make myself available to Pres. Obama, at his service, for the betterment of the USA, friends & allies! I will not lecture Pres. Obama. I will help him see the real ways of the little people & our real diversity of thoughts & deeds! Social does not belong to the state! We are critical of the state, like Socialists are critical of business corporations! After all, if you take the terms for their unprejudiced meanings, in essence, a real estate corporation, can be a private business or a municipal corporation! If you are to look without prejudice, you would see the business of the municipal corporation & a simple real estate corporation, are closely akin ,for all practical purposes! Social incorporation or social union, is the root cause or substance, if you prefer, of all private & public social partnerships! All of us need our fellow social individual people, our neighbors, for their ability to watch our backs! We can watch their backs better than they can do! That is reflected in the fact that, somebody else can watch our backs better, like we just can not do, by it’s very nature! You scratch my back & I will scratch yours, is not just a quaint saying! It is a practical application of the very essence of an example of the very clearly needed helping hand we lend to our friendly neighbors! So, Mr. Pres. Obama I humbly offer my regular, little guy social ideas, to help you get away from the smarter than thou intelligence elites you have been saturated with, all your life! These intellectual snobs are no blessing to you! They are flatterers & but kissers! But they are demeaning to all the folks you have said over
    & over, you are very concerned to help fare better, than the rigged system, we have lived under so far! But ,the very fact that you have made it to the top of the world , must have told you one vital point! We are not the country we once were, in the bad sense of that phrase! We are a much better place than we ever were before you were born! So I am at your service, Mr. Pres. Obama, Thanks for your time!

  • socialdoings 8:39 am on April 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Do not execute the Caucasian Boston bomber! I will interrogate them! I will be humane but firm! I will not need physical torture! All I need is my mouth & physical safety! I will solve the whole issue by myself!

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