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    The whole world was blessed by the few actual Old Whig, classical liberal arts professionals, let free from the bigotry of militant Progressive radicals! Some are still free, like the Clint Eastwoods of the performing arts social worlds! I was blessed with practical proximity to 2nd &/or 3rd language speaking individuals! Mideast social individuals, are like all else! Mideast folks are like all folks getting enslaved first & foremost by those we trust most, those closest to us!! But the folks we trust most, from anybody else, outside our closest ethnic kin, may just be those we can really trust most! Anybody else, from inside or outside our social worlds, can get us thinking their monopoly over us, is for our own good! Usually those telling anybody else, their regulating their neighbors’ lives, is for those regulated neighbors’, own good, are exposing their own disrespect for those they regulate! But all this is to lay down the standards I came to learn of the distinguishing qualities of civil social Islam from Nazi Arabism! My Koran studies, presented clear powerful social frameworks, to prepare my later verified ideas, that Islam is blasphemed & profaned by Nazi Arabism! But in the obscured world of the exotic Mideast mirages, illusions & hallucinating visions of all imagined mysticism, Racist Arabism’s identity theft against Koran rooted Islam, is just so much outside the engraved images, logic of the alleged Conservative USA & all western conservative leaders! So when I passed on this simple truth I was disregarded! So now does the “Progressive” brand of Liberal social activism, pay head to such ides as Nazi Arabist identity theft against Koran rooted Islam!? My Koran & Arabic studies exemplify the light of simple localizing, of the identity theft norm of all public market social choices! It is only solvable when we make a social practice of strict private property rights, defining frame works! Private property rights are confused with making private property of anybody else, also a human! But slavery is the opposite in it’s totality, of the ideas & social practice of private property rights over our own individual fruits of our labours! The Koran defines explicitly Muslim actions are not rituals! Islam is humane social deeds! Islam is social symbiotic deeds, like emancipating slaves, charity or investing in the poor’s social progress! So now I am looking at the actual terms, spelled out in the actual Koran! In the Koran we are to do deeds of social value! Those deeds of social value are Islamic deeds, as recited in the Koran,the Islamic testament! this is my old whig reading of The Koran recital’s relevance to 2015 USA social progress!

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    The real social root subject, all over the world, we wrongly think are social bodies VS anti-social bodies!Actually all, are just, simple individual, social consent rooted subjects! Let us do some comparing! In Milwaukee, WI., USA, we have insiders’ monopoly over our airwaves! Milwaukee has controversial personalities, competing for radio clientele! One apparently all powerful talk-jock, told me I am nuts, in so many words! Talk show host, Belling, cynically, smart mouthed, flippantly dismissed, my identifying racist Arabism as the real true roots of so called Islamist reigns of terror! I called, to say RACIST ARABISM, is at the central root of my identification of Islamist terror! I stated that Racist Arabism commits identity theft against Islam! But Belling did his usual jaw hanging NAH or AW wining yelling sound, when he thinks he is common sense VS cave man/nut job! So He asked me for a reference, that roots my ideas in real life, common sense! I said the Koran prohibits all the alleged Islamist reign of terror! Blaspheming Islam, Islamist terror & Islamism do, in the name of Islam! He practically yelled at me, as he basically said I was nuts & making excuses or distractions or some ridiculous cover-up of radical Islamist, militants real motives at the roots of Islamism! It is sad that one individual of such intense social influence, is so mouthy & magnified in his arrogance, regarding things he really should know better ,about! So, The Arabist empire racists, are at the root, core & central power of so called Islamist terror! The first folks, violated by Racist Arabism’s empire of terror, are ethnic Arabs! After Nazi Arabism exterminates all civil social Arab individuals, it destroys or enslaves all else!

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    We used to think our identity was great social learning process! We thought our social life was a collective growing body of thinking about all potentials, we had to choose from! We were new to the old beat, but we were trying to get our m minds in line with creative forces helping the world we could help! WE thought that all was progressive, liberal & the social way to live! Now that is disintegrated into insiders’ elite cartels of smarter than thou fat headed hallucinating, addicts’ habits!

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    JordonPalestineArabs & PalestineArabJordan folks, include individual social personalities, in the practice of doing their social best! PalestineArabJordon people, are mostly able to exercise an alternative approach to Arab-Israeli relations,compared with more radical Arabist empire militants! So the Arabist empire realm, is split between a British commonwealth kind of constitutional empire, opposed to a Nazi empire! The NaziAxis Arabist empire, is just now getting beaten, in favor of the English, French & Golden ages of civil social Islam!, This trio of Anglo-French & golden ages, Islam! Nazi-Klan Arabist empire, militant radicals, are in total opposition to the commonwealth empire of the Anglo-French & Islamic Golden Ages alliance! The USSR was partnering with Hitler,in the 1939-1941 axis Soviet pact! That produced grandchildren in spite of Hitler& Stalins divorce! Those children produced many Arabist empire great grand children!

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    PalestineArab ethnic culture, has both social & anti social individuals, acting in mutual harmony, or blocking JudaeanHebrews! Both ethnic cultures have anti social individuals populating their respective social worlds! Both communities contain civil social individuals & uncivil & anti social individuals in their respective social worlds!! Civil social individuals, are folks acting as they preach, on mutual respect of all, for all,of individual social humanity! Individual Civil social PalestineArabs, are doing all they can, to protect the cultural & individual social symbiosis, with private property, rights of both PalestineArabs as well as JudaeanHebrews! This mutual civil social symbiosis, is done to protect private property values! Private property value,is the reflection of environs value, that is akin to neighborhood value! Some individual PalestineArabs, are easier to live with, for mutual social life with JudaeanHebrews than both ethnic groups’ own kin are to their own kin!

  • socialdoings 9:11 pm on May 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Progressives, holding on to the litmus test of reproductive rights, do not assert women’s individual, whole personal, private property rights kinship, with individual possessive rights! This is the key weakness, in Progressives’ claims, they are working to support individual women’s personal control of the individual women’s own bodies! Progressives, are so alienated, from my statements’ principles, I must create my own wording, to fill the fundamental hole in Progressive ,so called women’s rights proponents’ debate points! The individual woman’s self ownership or self control of her own body, is the root of all else, called a woman’s individual personal & private property rights! These private property rights, of individual women, are the root concept of all concepts of a possessive concept like, ” a woman’s right to choose”! Those rights are, the ways, she will use her own body, for her OWN choice life! All individual women, have this individual, private life choice, to live THEIR OWN CHOICE LIFE! All individual women, possess this private property right, to choose their own deeds,FOR THEIR OWN , INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE OBJECTIVES! These private individual, particular choices,are THEIR OWN LIFE CHOICES, REGARDING THESE INDIVIDUAL WOMEN’S OWN BODIES! These choices, are ,solely ensured by reason of the state recognizing, the individual private property rights & every particular individual woman!

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    PalestineArabs are kin to SudanArabs, EgyptianArabs, SyrianArabs & IraqiArabs! All these Arab states, are spots, that have pre Arabist empire, first nations, like Native American first nations! Canaanites, including LebanesePunic & JudaeanHebrew, were the pre Arabist empire mid east & North African first nations, like native North America & South American Indian, first nations!! PalestineArabs are the Arabist empire colonial settlers occupying JudaeanHebrew,Zion,Israel! PalestineArabs are Arabist empire colonial settler,kin to SudanArabs occupying Darfur Sudan African Muslim non Arab country!

  • socialdoings 9:17 am on May 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Arabic is not the first nation, language, of any ethnic culture outside Arabia! PalestineArabic is a dialect of Arabic, from Arabia! The PalestineArabic local dialect, is influenced by Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Aramaic & Egyptian! Hebrew is 90& mutually intelligible with Canaanite! Arabic is 50% intelligible by Canaanite speakers! Hebrew is JudaeaoCanaanite! JudaeanHebrew is the only living Canaanite tongue! Old Egyptian’s current dialect is EgyptiCoptic! NeoAramaic is used by ethnic AramaicAssyrian-AramaeanSyriac & Chaldean first nations of the Mid east, north of Arabia! Many Christians & some Muslims of Iraq, Syria & Lebanon, speak Aramaic as their first living language! Some use Aramaic as their liturgical or religious language, to some extent or another! The same goes for Coptic, in Egypt! EgyptiCoptic is the last dialect of Egyptian non Arabic! EgyptianArabic is the Egyptian dialect of Arabic, like PalestineArabic is the PalestineArab dialect of Arabic! EgyptiCoptic revival,is like Aramaic revival! Coptic & Aramaic, are struggling against an Arabist empire of racist abuse & demeaning marginalizing disrespect! Arabist empire occupied mid east & North African environs, are inhospitable to the pre Arabist empire first nations of the mid east & north Africa!

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    PalestineArab identifies Arabist empire, colonial settlers, occupying JudaeanHebrew, Zion,Israel! Arabist empire,colonial settlers occupy AssyrianAramaic-SyriacAramaean first nations of Mediterranean,South West Asia,Iraq Syria & Lebanon also!SyrianArab &IraqiArabs are the Arabist empire colonial settlers occupying the Mideast, north of the Arab homeland in Arabia! Many of these Arabist empire heirs of the Arabist colonial settlers are civil social Arabs! Some Arabs are power tripping, uncivil & anti social! This pattern is replicated across the whole Mideast North African environs!

  • socialdoings 4:55 pm on May 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Modern Mercantilist, mercenary militants, monopolize media!

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