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  • socialdynamos 2:27 am on July 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Occupy Democrats Facebook page, exemplifies apartheid minority rule of the tiny little less than 1% of insiders’ elite, militant Progressive brand, radical haters! These Progressives have lots of nerve talking constantly about the top % of economic social success stories! That is not even my usual critique of 2015 Progressives gross generalizing indiscriminate hate on anybody that is a social economic success story! These progressives totality of policy prescription, boils down to a Progressive tax pyramid! That is the obvious tax loophole punching web of anti social corruption of Progressive blockers,haters & insiders wall! That is Occupy Democrats insiders’ cartel of elite, anti social, ill-liberal mercantilism!

  • socialdynamos 9:15 am on July 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Proof Koch bros.influence is an interesting question! Do Koch bros. influence conservative anti libertarian spheres or social circles! Folks like, the former Drug Czars, are still trying to thread some kind of non logic, through the eye of the needle of logic! But Koch bros. assert alleged overwhelming influence on conservative republican bases of strong support! ? But is this influence more like trying to put order into a mass of cats, than a herd of cows? Can or do Koch bros. actually have much influence on the process alleged to be bought & paid for by Koch bro. capital?

  • socialdynamos 3:24 am on July 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Social motives are opposed by ant social individuals! Social motives are akin to social individuals’ common social objectives! Individual social objectives need social means to get individual social success! Social success needs social means in harmony with individual social deeds! Social individuals’ profit motives, work with social deeds! individual social deeds promote the growth of social rooted profits! Profits utilize the balancing of the books of keeping practices! The bottom line of social productivity, in competitive public markets, has the social effect of creating mutual profit for individual social, shareholders! Social individuals are the social means to social productivity rooted private profit! Social individuals motives are rooted in harmony between private profit & social motives, incorporated in private profit motives!

  • socialdynamos 12:18 am on July 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Worst case scenario, does somebody else, out there, reading this, think anybody is born a nuclear physicist? I mean to ask, does everybody else besides me agree, that a new born baby, future nuclear physicist, no matter what their genes, must still get schooled!?That is, regardless of our individual genetic properties! Our individual genetics, does not give us 100 % of our fully developed mental progress, at birth! Our intelligence progress, is some combined mix of our cultivating our inborn capacities! Until we exercise our minds, our skills in developing our logical mental properties, as individuals, will not blossom, to our full potential! No new born babe, come out speaking like Einstein! So our “Progressive” brand economics & general social science advisors, whole reason for existing, has been the “Progressive” claim of “Progressives opposing, monopoly insiders’ cartels, over public markets! But, somehow Progressives claim their human capital, sweat shops, are exempt from laws regulating potential insiders’ monopoly cartels! The “Progressive’s” sweat shops, are the tax funded so called public schools! Does that mean all teachers are sweat shop bosses? No it does not! But Progressives are forever crying, that the problem with tax funded monopoly schools, are due to un funded or under funded schools! But that does not work ! All else, in public market enterprises must compete! But the most vital health & education forming progress for children, is in the monopoly hands of the tax funded insiders cartels! That means the formative years of the human capital for children’s youth, are monopolized by insiders’ cartels! That is, the “Progressives” do as they preach against! The cartel actions, Progressives charge anybody else with, of engaging in,are the practice of their own “Progressives” actions! The “Progressives” charge, all else, not Progressives, in the public market, with being profit motivated, insiders cartels! But ,”Progressives” embody their accusations of monopoly insiders cartels over public markets! “Progressives” whole reason for existence, is “Progressives” accusing all else of insiders’ cartel monopoly practices! “Progressives” demeaning Laissez faire, liberal individual social progress, is the “Progressive” accusation of all else of monopoly insiders’ cartels’ conspiracy! So “Progressives” are in the habit of making a practice of “Progressive” cartel insiders’ monopoly, over human capital ‘s formative years!

    • socialdynamos 12:57 am on July 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Reblogged this on My BlogSocialDynamos.WordPress.com and commented:
      This is the Obama-care architect. Jonathan Gruber’s, Progressive elites’ monopoly, in action!His insiders cartel own the tax funded school cartel! Gruber’s elites are the cause of the USAmeericans being in the state of education he so explicitly called stupid! It is OK, to be in the current state he called stupid? Then the manifesto of worst case scenario, formative years, monopolized by tax funding monopoly VS School Choice, “The Bell Curve”, stands out against Gruber’s demeaning insult! manefesto

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