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    https://books.google.com/books?…Unique Sacrifice of Imam Hussain for Humanity-Dr. S. Manzoor Rizvi-Google Books

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    Does anyone ask if Germany or Arabia have rights to exist?

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    The USA is not leading! The West is paying the agency fees for Arab empire protection tax, mercenary state supremacy!

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    Racist Arab empire centralizing, state monopoly, is the key issue, across the Arab empire, sphere of influence, in it’s totality, over N.Africa & Mideast, S. W. Asian environs! This Arab empire centric, state monopolizing, is a kind of Arabist racism, that is not a conventional single state empire, like the Baghdad caliphate was at it’s peak! This Arab empire centric sphere of influence, occupies 40% more square miles than the totality of Canada! It is 50% greater square miles than the totality of the USA, including Alaska! This helps put some social centric balance, in between the Arab empire centric, engraved images & the real world! This Arab empire sphere of influence, occupies pre Arab empire nations! These Arab empire occupied nations, include Kurdish Muslim non Arabs, Berber-Tamazight language speaking N. African Muslim non Arabs, Egyptian Nubian & Sudan Nubian Muslim non Arabs & Kurdish Muslim non Arabs!Arab empire centric colonialism, occupies Aramaic-Syriac, EgyptiCoptic, non Arabs! All these African & mid east nations,are occupied by Arab empire centric colonial sons! This is the real scene, under assault, by the aggressive, expanding, racist Arab empire centric, colonial settler ,militant radicals’ occupation over N. Africa & mid east nations!!

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    Did you remember one of those old horror stories, revolving around a recurring nightmare, that just will not stop? Well, that is the state of the Arab world, right now! The Arab world today, is still locked into a never ending line of succession of repeating sons of sons’ reign of terror, over the Arab empire colonies! The Arab empire is occupied by Arab sons of Arab grand sons of the Arab prophet! Arab great grand sons of Arab patrilineal kin of Arab great grand sons of the Arab prophet, occupy Iran! These patrilineal heirs are the embodiment of dozens of generations of the Arabian prophet’s patrilineal heirs! This is the Shiite caliphate, as it is defined by Shiite self determination, from with-in the Shiite hierarchy, that occupies the reins of power over Iran! The details of the individual personalities or individual sorts of patrilineal heirs of the Arabian prophet, are loosely outlined by me! It is the principle that counts! It is, in the nature of Shiite defined, patrilineal succession, from the male blood lines of the Arabian prophets heirs! These male heirs of Arabia’s prophet,are occupying the Shiite hierarchy over a great super majority of Iranian non Arab masses! These Iranian ethnic masses, are the vast super majority, that constitute the Iranian people! But the world does not even mention the inherent potential for racist Arabism’s empire of apartheid occupation, over Iranian masses of Persian non Arabs! We do not have to attack the nature of ethnic Arab, patrilineal heirs’ occupation over the Shiite hierarchy, ruling Iran! But we must at least get a handle on the nature of the kinds of feelings of the average Iranians! The great social masses of Iran, do actually feel marginalized, by the militant clerical hierarchy’s radical Arab empire rooted, Arab centric, reign of terror! That Ethnic Iranian identity, puts a serious blockage, in the Arab empire centralizing, Iranian identity! That causes a break in the Shiite Arab empire centralizing occupation! It is not as smooth as the Arab empire centric minority tries to pretend! This is a problem for Arab empire centralizing ‘ occupiers’, marketing their minority rule, as essential for the so called pride of Iranian nationalism! This Arab empire centric minority rule, is the weak link, for allegedly representing, so called Islamic hardliners, occupying Iran! That is only part of the horror story though! Now remember the PalestineArab mufti’s axis, collaborating, anti Allied war efforts? Well it is worse yet! The USSR war on the west, was swept under the Mid-east Rugs! That was while the PalestineArab Mufti, was killing off all kinds of potential Arabist allies! That included both peace-full PalestineArab forces, cooperating with Zionism & general pro western allied Arabism! So Muftism, was also playing along with the USSR -NAZi pact also! We are well aware of the Mufti-Nazi axis collaboration! But the USSR-NAZI axis pact, included the PalestineArab Mufti also, as the direct Nazi & Fascist Italian Partners! But This is so deep, that we are still shocked! But we are still more shocked to learn of, the mufti’s web of infidelity to the Koran’s intense pro Zionism! The Fascists were actually funding the Mufti’s PalestineArab axis, killings of PalestineArab moderates as well as JordanianArab, SyrianArab & IraqiArab moderates! So this is ,in short, a new revival movement for Arab empire centric, national socialism! But we never go beyond the basic story that we are told that The PLO of Arafat, was the direct heirs of the Mufti! Most Zionists are well aware of the Mufti Arabists roots of The PalestineArab racist reign of terror! But now, we have just let the racist Arabism, unleashed by the Mufti, go into obscurity , with in it’s Communist branches of ideology! We do not ever realize the Kami Kazi nature of PalestineArab militants, is more directly akin, to that thin framework of 1939-1941 USSR-NAZI PACT, than we ever wanted to dwell on before now! So we have both the Arab empire centric reign of terror, over Iran & PalestineArab moderates today! But we must not let that apartheid minority of PalestineArab, neo-nazi-Soviet grandsons of the Mufti, just keep doing their deeds! The same for that Arab empire centric, Arab prophet rooted, patrilineal heritage, perpetuate their minority reign of terror, over the super majority of ethnic Iranian non Arabs also! So both are racist regimes of Arabist racism! Both are Arabism’s empire of Arabist ethno centric reign of terror! That Arab empire centric racism reigns, over all else, including civil social Arabs! Racist Arabism, targets civil social Arabs, as their first marks! This is the recurring nightmarish horror story of today’s mid east!

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    Progressive politics, is inconsistent, except for it’s contradicting it’s preaching! Progressive schools of regulating the markets, are self contradicting practices, ever since the Trust Busters’ wars on monopoly! Progressives’ trust busting, was really just mercantile protection, for the incorporation of economy & state! Progressive brand cartels, were the unproductive profit seeking, collectors of artificial monopoly rents! These politically connected elite cartels, got protections from competition, all the way up to & including wars on insider traders! Progressive brand trust busters, are actually Progressive insiders’, political middle man cartels! These progressive cartels, are political framework, centralizing, corporate price insurance handlers! Progressive policy is a totality of inconsistent ,illogical ill-liberal, anti social practices!

  • socialdynamos 2:36 am on September 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Do Arabist, professors, teach us, the critical marks of civil social Islam VS Nazi Arabist identity theft, blaspheming profanity, against Islam!?

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    Do the self professed Arabist experts, actually helps us avoid any more indiscriminate love-hate, kinship with Nazi Arabism?

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    The humanities term we call an Arabist, used to stand for special skills, in the study of Arab culture, history or Arab life & civil social Arab, life choices! Arab centric social science, is a category of special learning & teaching ! But right now, individual Arabists, are insider cartels! These Arabists, are nothing else, but anti social, political monopoly framers of Arab empire centric, mercantile insider cartels! These are tax funded elites, selling Arab empire centric biases, as our assumed social framework! Arab empire centric state-ism,must be distinguishable from Islamic & Arab statesmanship! That is the distinguishing quality, we must identify! that is, to stop anymore indiscriminate social investing in neo Stalinist ,Hitler & mufti, pact reins of terror! Arab empire kamikaze ideaology,is rooted in a great anti social cancer! this anti social cancer was explicitly displayed to our whole human race in Jonestown,Guyana! Ther Jonetown Peoples’ Temple captured the radical kinship of religious militants with socialist national identity politics! Jonestown,turned mass suicidal, from Jim Jones’,ethnic people’s republic,communistic, identity politics! Jim Jones’ mini state was set up anti social mindsets of Stalinist enslavement of mostly ethnic Black USA folks! CommuNazisim, is one possible name for this kami kazi klan attitude! CommuNazism is the kami kazi klan re-en-slavement, over the totality of human capital! This demeans the human race to be come servants of supremacist Socialism! In the Arabist case, Arabism’e empire of apartheid, we serve the Arabist minority occupation over one billion Muslims! This apartheid Arab empire centric colonial settler occupation, is at war on all else, in it’s path! Arabist empire Nazism, is also at war on all else, occupied by Arab empire centric Nazism! Kurds & Darfur ethnic Muslim non Arabs, are the two most famous or infamous examples of Muslim non Arabs! These two are occupied Muslim non Arab ethnic, first nations!

  • socialdynamos 9:06 pm on September 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Do we have personal, private standards, we use to prevent our choices from producing indiscriminate social kinship, with anti social individual people’s & peoples’ deeds?

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