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  • socialdynamos 1:28 pm on October 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    We men, when we were young men, we were told, to not think only with our male sex organs! We were told by Feminists , we are not supposed to treat women as sex objects! That was cool, in theory, not really distinct, in reality, from traditional social conservatism! But radical feminist, Progressive militants, could not let us boys think, we could learn anything, from traditional old school, conservators of liberal arts of humane social living! No, no, no, we must bow down, to the radical militant socialist anti social, insiders’ elites’, cartels’ of intelligence supremacy! So now, radical Progressive feminists, got mad at the ideas, that there are actually femi-nazis, even if it is only akin to food-nazis or fashion-nazis! But, it is interesting for me, now that I am 100% old school, liberal conservator of my own social union, with my only woman! In other words ,I am old school liberal, that includes my old school conservatory of laissez faire, let me do my own ,live & let live liberal deeds! My social world, is no longer willing to put up with Stalinist tyrants in Mao suits, telling me, I hate women! They can try to say I hate women, because I think all women should be able to think, like my wife does, with all organs, elsewise, than only their sex organs! Stop looking at yourselves as sex objects! Stop looking at all else of the tax paying social environs, as your sex slave-prostitutes! Feminists not able or willing to think of them selves as anything else, besides their reproductive sex organs, are slaves of feminazis or feminazis themselves! Hillary Clinton is a feminazi! I am not a slave of feminazis, any more! That we are to even entertain the far out image, that Hillary Clinton, has one social spirited thought or idea, in her head, is a sick joke, on our human race, in our totality! Radical Progressives, militant mercantile insiders’ cartels , monopolize the USA Democratic party elites’ power hierarchy! These radical anti social cartels, oppose the old school Democrat liberals, akin to Pres. John F. Kennedy & Lyndon B. Johnson! The fact ,I keep returning to this radical Progressive coup d’état by militants against the USA Democrat liberals, JFK& LBJ, is because it is 100% truly astonishingly clear ! Feminazi ,import export bank insiders, pro abortion, not pro choice, but pro tax funding for pro abortion industrial complex, insiders’ cartels, are running the USA Democrat party, into the ditch of the UK, French, German, Scandinavian, Japanese & Israeli “Progressive” Social Democrat-Labour axis! This Progressive Social Democrat Labour cartel axis, is more afraid of laissez faire liberal individual social choice, than they fear Arabist empire racist Nazi genocide against Darfur & Kurdistan spreading to the west! Meanwhile, the social dynamics of tax cuts, brings in more tax revenues! The formula is this, Reducing tax rates causes a raising of tax revenues! Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the John F. Kennedy,1964 tax act, that reduced tax rates, causing raised tax revenues, with-in the 4 years left of Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson’s term! This simple social law of economic social dynamics, is as real life rooted, as the laws of thermo dynamics! So the ideas that we must raise tax rates to raise tax revenues is utterly proven wrong! So the endless radical mercantile sales pitch of militant “Progressive” tax steepening Democrats, is pure anti social, power hungry empire building ! It is about creating a radical “Progressive” middle man class, they call their middle class! It is totally at odds against the old school bourgeois liberal, middle class, we grew up hearing these same radical “Progressive” militant mercenaries, attack with their smug intellectual elitism!

  • socialdynamos 2:43 pm on October 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    At the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, WI. USA, there was decades of USA tax funded racial Arabist empire infomercials, passing as mid east history! This is crystal clear, by anybody’s standards ! Both Progressive obsessing over racism & ethnocentric bias, as well as Individualist conservatives’ more laissez faire libertarian, free market values, would demand something else, than we have paid for! For example, was the mid east history program, ever there to explain the gassing of the Kurds & ethnic Aramaic Assyrians, under Saddam Hussein/’s Arabist empire revivalist state? Did the mid east history professor, Abbas Hamdani explain, the ongoing war of the SudanArab state on SudanAfricans, in the SudanAfrican zones of the SudanArab republic? Did the mid east history professor, Abbas Hamdani,present the points of view,that explained the ongoing collective struggles of minority groups under Arabist empire colonies’ occupation? Did Dr. Hamdani ever give the Kurdish & TimazighenBerber native people’s nations’ struggles for equal rights, under Arabist empire colonial occupation? Did this mid east history program, headed up by this alleged social justice, promoting professor Abbas Hamdani, ever present the points of view of the pro Zionist PalestineArab people & their IsraeliArab kin? I will bet my readers can find not one “comprehensive” work on mid east minorities, by professor Abas Hamdani! I mention comprehensive ,as the “Progressive” political insiders, love to say, not one comprehensive, list of speeches, papers, books or lectures of Professor Abbas Hamdani, explaining Kurdistan! There will be none on, EgyptiCoptic, AramaeanSyriac, Nubian or Darfur, Sudan minority’s perspectives! But this tax funded mid east historian, Dr. Abbas Hamdani, was paid millions of dollars of USA tax dollars, for his allegedly liberal arts works of social science productions?

  • socialdynamos 5:57 am on October 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Radical Arabists infiltrating, the west’s higher learning institutions, is the key, to the new Arabist empire, confederating conquest of the west!!

  • socialdynamos 3:38 am on October 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Does any Progressive brand politics, follow consistent social logic? I am learning to be humble enough, to realize, I can not, know all! But, we have all known individual know it all folks! Meanwhile ,truth be told, we are now at one of those historic crossroads, akin to the UK & Nazi s 1930s peace pact! We are still trying to conserve the pieces of anything, we have not yet lost! We are trying to get a handle on our ability to not let doers of anti social deeds, do to their anti deeds, inside our the walls of our civil social world! So let us get concrete about this! Get down to earth, about this! We have not even correctly identified the 9-1-1 mass killings, perpetrators! It is not that it is not a specifically identifiable body of killers ,as was the Pearl Harbour attacks! It is a new kind of Arabist empire Nazism, actually rooted in the same Nazi era racist cartels! Do Progressive brand, political insiders’ cartels, even include anything akin, to my just stated point?

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