Civil social Islam, is blasphemed by Nazi Arabism! This anti Islamic process, is unknown to the Western socialist world of anti social, identity theft, against social progress! Socialism is manned by romantic seducers of guilty western Socialist, anti social, people’s temple communists! We must identify the actual nature of the western world’s problem! We are bloated with guilty pleasures & the guilty self hate, about our capitalist social progress! We have been fed this guilt about capitalist social progress, by our “Progressive” brand! This combines with the Baptist & Bootlegger cartels! So the west, keeps replaying our truth N’ reconciliation card, endlessly! We are mixed up, in our anti social ideas, we are fed, about our western social life! We are told, our western social living, is anti social! The western world’s “Socialist” elites, tell us that western civil social life, is anti social! Western civil social life, is attacked as anti social, by fat headed, power tripping, cruel, intellectual elites! This anti western snobbery, is the insiders’, tax funded monopoly, over public schools, controlling all of the people, in power, in academic circles! So this is, the anti social environs, we are attempting to live in! This anti social environs, is filled with claims, that global climate change & our western racism, are the root problems of the reign of terror, from insiders & rivals, from the Arab empire realm! Progressive brand, smart mouthed elite, fat headed, fast talking, political mercantile insiders, are capitalizing on this western cultural guilt! This guilt, is centralized around our past racist, western empires! This out pouring of western guilt, is sweeping across the Arab empire sphere of influence, we call the Islamic world! So we are now acting, in an indiscriminate way of love for all the anti social totality of non western, anti social culture! This leads us to the open door, Laissez faire liberal social policy for all else of these anti social, non western elites! This laissez faire, for anti social ,non western elites, is done in it’s totality, in an indiscriminate way! this laissez faire for anti social, non westerners, is done, regardless of their anti social ideas! That is, while we are at war ,internally against our own Laissez Faire liberal social progress! This anti social policy, against the western world’s laissez faire liberal social economy, is akin to F. A. Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom”! Meanwhile, we are upholding an abstract spirit of world wide ethnic diversity & liberation ,for non western “states” ! But that abstract claim of racial & social diversity, is done, in an indiscriminate way! We are enslaving our western social world, to idolatry of neo State-ism! We are reviving empire worshipping cults, called anti imperialism! But we are enshrining “The State” over social life choice, as if The “State” is the only real state of social choice! We are faced with the prospect, that if we critique our internal anti laissez faire policies, we are categorized as anarchist, anti social! We are even called neo Nazi or fascists, if we critique the western world’s social life, being monopolized by “Progressive” intellectual regulators!! Meanwhile, we are being indiscriminate, in our estimation of the real life Nazi Arabists’ identity theft, against civil social Islam! we are lead by the nose, by the merchants of Nazi Arabism’s actual war on civil social Islam! We are debating the nature of Islam! But we have been sold the name of radical Islamic terror, on the right & some vague ideas about an extremely minute quantity of radical militants, wrongly identifying their reign of terror as Islamic! But, the Conservative-Libertarian Right wing, that is so crystal clear, about it’s identification of state-ism, is oblivious to Nazi Arabist state-ism!i Conservative-Libertarians, should be able to see, the “Arab street”, the Arab world & the Arab fighters , are actual social bodies, like economic corporate cartels! An economic corporate cartel, can be an insulated social body,regardless of their anti social external ways! the Nazi Arabist identity theft, against civil social Islam, is just the kind of anti social body, that is akin to a state that causes war or an anti social organization of non state actors! But Conservative-Libertarians must open their senses up to the ideas that we are already supposed to be sensitive to! The Arab world, is also the Arab empire realm! The Arab street, is also the Arab environs of the Arab League States! The Arab League states, are not real social margins of separate Arab social bodies, to the Arab fighters, that are the Arab street! Instead, the Arab street, is the Arab world of the Arab fighters’ market! The Arab fighters’ market, is the demand for the Arab empire rivals, to produce an Arab empire union! The outer world,is so used to laughing at their image of ” Arab disunity”! So Conservative-Libertarians, critique our domestic state-ism, as an illusory ,anti social, non social frame work! But, we miss our golden opportunity, to apply the non state-ism sense of social life, to the Arab street , the Arab fighters & Arab world’s ,Arab empire centric, mercenary market! Meanwhile the Koran’s 100% pro ZIONIST MANDATE,IS THE LITHMUS TEST FOR TE WESTERN WORLD’s screening out pro social Muslims from neo Nazi Arabists!