Judaism teaches ,we are one human race! The whole human race is one extended family! We are all one, kin lineage in our social totality! Christianity & Islam, are akin to that Jewish teaching! This idea of one human race, in our whole social totality, is also akin to contemporary science of genetics!! The Koran follows the Christian Bible’s New Testament, as the third Testament, after the Jewish Scriptures, also called the Hebrew Scriptures! The JudaeanHebrew ,Scriptures, are the Christian Old Testament! All the three above scriptures, are in the western world religions category, as distinguished from the Hindustan & Buddhist lineage! At the Far east ,is the Chinese & Japanese Taoist & Zen(Chan) Buddhism! All the above from west to east, include core ,issues of humanity needing to learn to distinguish false images influences from truth! The influence of our minds on our lives is part of all the above! The ideas of our enslavement or liberation from our own ideas is central to all the above! The ideas of unity of truth & universal truth, are universal in all the world religions , listed above! Individual social choice, is harmonious with all the whole spectrum of all the social totality of all the list of world religions on this list! On fact, we are responsible to ourselves, as well as all else, to practice individual social choice! We must learn to not be indiscriminate, in our ideas & practices of our individual social choices! Communism & collective-ism are simply race-less, colour-less & senseless race hatred ,against the totality of our whole human race! Laissez faire Liberal Individualism, is the social science practice of individual social life choice! Adult social individuals are free to practice individual social life choice, in an Individualist social framework! The Koran & Bible, require ,that the human race, learns to apply the principles of individual social life choice! Our human capital, is our living breathing, human, common sense of individual social choice potential, applied to our everyday opportunities, to lend our hand! The more we apply this social practice of lending our individual social helping hand, the more our individual social karma repays us! That means the golden rule, actually reproduces golden rewards & compounding individual social well being! Good deeds, produces good karma! Good Karma, is produced by the individual social practice of the golden rule! Our ability & our individual social skills, at putting into practice, living habits of applying the golden rule, pays off, in progressive capital accumulating, profit forming rewards! That is the meaning of Laissez faire Liberal social progress! That is the meaning of Individualist social progress! That is the individualist social practice of progressive human capital, accumulating, human capital forming, life choice of social individuals! That is the social central point of my Zen Judaism!