Individual Republican insiders’ cartel, are complaining ,Trump is talking like he is closer to Obama, than Republican healthcare thinking or practices! The old school liberal progressives, ,great social safety net, the great society, was funded by reducing tax rates & tax kinds! Progressive liberal flattening of tax direction, was the Great Society’s social safety net funding formula!, The Progressive Liberal tax flattening direction, was known to be of great social productivity for the purpose of raising tax revenues! Progressive liberal tax flattening, was expected to help bring in more liberal freedom from state-ism! The Progressive liberals’ tax steepening’s insiders, are skipping in line, in the public market social process! But this LBJ-JFK tax flattening direction, was precisely to let the public market social dynamics grow the taxable pie! So the JFK-LBJ tax flattening social dynamics were a social dynamic that produced more taxable economic growth! The Great Social safety net was funded by Great Society tax reducing direction! That Great Society,tax flattening direction, lowers the degree of the taxman skipping in line, at the public market, social line of the economy!