The Indo European root s of several words of fundamental importance, are all akin to all else, in my small list! Let us do a little hunt for social root ideas & their potential practical meanings! Let us start with the controversy about private ,privacy & private profit, as they relate to progressive social processes! First of all, is it a real life practical idea ,to think we have any daily rooted importance left in our root words of our every day concepts! Well, I think yes, it helps, to get a better handle on our social roots of our current social ideas! So let me try this out ,with this cluster of words I noted above! Profit, progress, private & privacy are all kin to a Latin root with the Pro prefix! This prefix, is akin to a Germanic root of the Anglo-Saxon root, that is central in words like first, for, far, frame, farther, further, from, fear! Notice a little poetic potential their yet? The Root ideas of private property & profit ,are all akin to little poetic stream of consciousness! First frames for fearless farther, further, forward, from fear! Any potential rearrangement of that stream of words, can further the frameworks fearless forwarding of the first rate framework, as long as it sticks to it’s furthering the framework for forwarding the fearless first person’s PRIVATE FEARLESS FRAMEWORK OF PRIVACY! Of course the art of transferring thousands of years old word’s meanings to current term of practical meaning, is probably above my pay grade! I do not know of linguistics or language professionals, doing this kind of art!