Israel struggle for liberty, from the frontline Arabist proxy, the PalestineArab colony of Arab empire state confederates, is akin to Balochistan’s struggle for liberty from the Arabists, Iran & Pakistan! It is one Arab empire confederated colonial state cartel! Arabist empire racism, occupies power in a minority state regime, against ethnic Persians Kurds, Balochis &.Aramaic-Assyrians! Iranian Shiite Arabist elites’, self defined identity, is rooted in Shiites’ claim to patrilineal roots from the ethnic Arab prophet! These Shiite leaders’ occupy state power, over the vast majority of ethnic Persians, Kurds, Aramaic-Assyrians & Balochistanis! Then, that is compounded by Pakistan’s occupation over eastern Balochistan! All these ethnic first nations’ struggles for liberty from Arabist empire state-ism, are akin to Israel’s struggle against the Arab empire’s proxy war of PalestineArab state-ism, against JudaeanHebrew, Zion, Israel!